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Heat Pumps NOW are your accredited Christchurch heat pump installation specialists.

 Heat Pumps NOW are your Christchurch heat pump experts. We're accredited Mitsubishi and Fujitsu installers, which means our work meets their high standards of excellence.

Some people think they can install their own heat pump. Not only can this be dangerous, but if something goes wrong, you won't be covered by the 5 year, or 6 year for Fujitsu, manufacturer warranty. Get your heat pump installed right the first time by the good guys at Heat Pumps NOW. In addition to the manufacturer warranty, you'll also be covered by our 1 year labour guarantee.

We can supply and install all the best brands of heat pumps. Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, Panasonic, and Toshiba. If you know exactly which make and model heat pump you'd like for you home, we can get it in and install it for you with no mess and no fuss.

We have decades of experience in the Christchurch heating and air conditioning industry, so if you're not sure what you need to heat your home, we can help. We offer free, on-site, no obligation quotes to help you find the right heat pump for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Looking to heat your entire house? Heat Pumps NOW can also install ducted HVAC air-transfer systems to spread the warm or cool air around your home. An HVAC system will eliminate those sudden hot or cold spots for a new level of in-home comfort. Using insulated ducts located in your cieling space connected to a central heat pump, an HVAC system can pump air around your home, keeping you warm.

At all times you’ll be talking to genuine heat pump installers who know what’s needed to solve your heating and air conditioning issues. You’ll only ever get genuine advice about your home heat pump needs. Call us on 03 377 7393.

Heat pumps should be serviced every 10 - 12 months. If your heat pump isn't working as well as it should, we can help. A full clean and service will highlight any issues with your heat pump. We will strip it down, perform maintenance checks, clean everything inside and out before putting it back together again. After a Heat Pumps NOW service your heat pump will work like new again.

Ae you sick of returning to a cold home after having been at work all day? Heat Pumps NOW can install Wi-Fi adaptors to connect to your heat pumps. Wi-Fi capability allows you to control your heat pump from wherever you are through your smartphone or tablet. If you own more than one heat pump, you can monitor and control them all from the one location. Now your heat pump remote is wherever your smartphone or tablet is, allowing you greater ease of control and heating efficiency. Turn on your heat pump as you're leaving work to pre-heat your house. You'll never have to return to a cold home again.

Check out our website http://www.heatpumpsnow.co.nz for a full list of our services. Have a look at our blog for some DIY tips and tricks for taking care of your heat pump, along with other cool stuff about what we're up to in the community.

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